Hannah Rogerson

Is a dancer and a recent graduate of Fontys School of Fine and Performing arts with a BA in dance theatre/modern. Hannah is a sensitive dancer who likes to mix fragility with strength. Recently she has gotten very into the circus world and as part of her internship worked in Ireland learning aerial dance. Hannah has worked with Katja Heitmann, Cie. Woest and Maiden Voyage Dance Company.

Bavo De Smedt

A Chinese Pole artist that graduated from the circus department called ACaPA at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in 2017. Bavo is a talented artist mixing theatre and dance with his high level pole skills. His performances are playful and light with serious undertones. His quality of movement means that on the pole or on the ground his work looks effortless and under control, giving the audience a sense of ease and wonder as to what can come next. Bavo did his work placement at Circus Ronaldo and has performed on festivals like Tommorowland, Laundry Day and Beeldig Lommel.

Pieter Visser

Is a graduate of the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts circus department called ACaPA in 2017, discipline: juggling. Pieter is a gracefully tall juggler with long limbs that allow him to create patterns that otherwise seem impossible. He is also very interested in dance and movement. Because of this, dance and movement are a big part of his juggling. For Pieter’s internship year he worked with Gandini juggling and EAEO. He has a lot of experience in improvisation and physical theatre and his speciality is three balls juggling.