Bavo De Smedt

You could find Bavo in the youth circus school Circolito in Mechelen (BE) when he was 11 years old. From this moment on, he never left the circus. In 2007 for the festival Zomer op Straat he completed a training course to become a street performer. For this training, he performed several times on the festival and felt that performing was his calling. Performing led him to many street theatre companies. Making his own street-acts was a logical next step so he established his own company “SirComic”.

In 2011, he started the BIC to become a mentor in circus arts for youth circus schools. After this course, Bavo taught circus to children in different youth circus schools like Circolito and Spelati. From 2012 till 2013 he worked as an hospital clown, with the intention of making the situation of the children in hospital a bit less difficult.

After a few years of being active as a street performer, he felt that he missed the Circus. Bavo started a four year education at ACaPA, Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg (NL). Here he had classes in acrobatics, dance, theatre, trampoline and so on. For his fourth year stage Bavo gained work experience with Circus Ronaldo (a company he has admired for a very long time). In 2017, Bavo graduated with success in his main discipline Chinese Pole.

Some Facts

  • DOB: 27-12-’91

  • Origin: Belgium

  • Studied: BA Fontys Circus Academy, ACAPA2017

  • Interests: Photography, Nature management, Drawing, old mechanical objects, fantasy stories.

Bavo’s Vision

“I like to take that small moment out of people’s time and give them that something in return. Not something that they can feel or touch. But something like a feeling or emotion, something that they can think about, something that they can dream of or makes them happy, something that lets them stand still and wonder. Circus allows me to bring that something on stage. To let people think and wonder and bring a bit that unreal but on the other hand so real scenario. TeaTime Company shows me, that very simple and very real moment on stage. It gives me the opportunity to take that time from the audience and brings that little “something”