TeaTime Company

TeaTime Company is the hive mind of creators Hannah Rogerson, Bavo De Smedt and Pieter Visser. 

TeaTime Company creates performances where the borders of circus and dance disappear to create a new and hybrid movement language. A language that shows concrete, human reactions to abstract situations. In their work, complex ideas are met with accessibility and charm, along with subtle humour and strong imagery.

Recently I had the pleasure to work with the young circus company TeaTime. I admire their open view on their different disciplines and their wish to combine them to a work that is accessible but yet pushing the limits of circus. The starting point of their work is strongly related to movement but still they manage to give it a very human character. I would describe it as witty, with a nice sense of humour and a unique movement language.

Pia Meuthen , director of Panama Pictures

Everything was very impressive, the pace was great, plenty of surprises, good mix of skills

Spectator, at Dance Ireland, New Movements showing

Their strength lies in combining the natural with the unusual. This makes you as an audience crave more and go home full of joy.

Nikki Rasings, Spectator at New Seeds

Trois bâtons. Trois individus. Dies dizaines de possibilités. Sous le chapiteau du Channel, devant des centaines de spectateurs, ces jongleurs-acrobates se propulsent, se balancent, virevoltent à tour de rôle. Ces bâtons, ce sont des mâts chinois qui rappellent des mikados géants. Sur un bras, sur une main, sur un pied et même sur un doigt, il s’agit bien de prouesses exécutées avec tant facilité.

Le Plus Équilibré, Le Voix Du Nord