About TeaTime

Established in 2017 TeaTime Company is the collaboration between performers and creators Hannah Rogerson, Pieter Visser and Bavo De Smedt. The trio studied, in the fields of contemporary dance and circus, at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg (NL). On discovering their mutual interests and desires (see vision) they decided to join forces in the creation of their own performing arts company.

TeaTime Company were selected for the Rotterdam Circusstad School Tour prize in 2017. Circusstad commissioned TeaTime’s first work: Stick-Stok. Since its first performance in May 2018 Stick-Stok has performed over one hundred and fifty time in nine different countries. Stick Stok has performed at: Theater Op de Markt (BE), Oerol (NL), National Circus Festival of Ireland (IRL), Festival Circolo (NL), Rotterdam Circusstad (NL), Spraoi (IRL), Deventer Op Stelten (NL), Olala Austria (AU), Carlow Arts Festival (IRL), Station Circus (CH), Mais Imaginarius (PT), Greenwich and Docklands Festival (GB), Street Act Lab Taiwan (TWN) and many more.

Following the success of Stick-Stok, TeaTime were selected as part of Makershuis Tilburg. With their support TeaTime Company created the indoor show LINEAR. LINEAR performed its premiers at Festival Circolo and Theater Op De Markt. It is currently being re-worked into a circular version and adapted to government guidelines due to COVID-19.

TeaTime were selected as preliminary PLAN partners for the year 2020. Under PLAN TeaTime had the opportunity to research and explore and create connections with collaborators. They’ve been working on a new collaboration with award winning creator and performer Piet Van Dycke. TeaTime have also been experimenting with video having created “The event” with videographers Astrid & Roel.
In 2021 TeaTime will be part of the triple bill “The Great Catch.” An initiative to bring more Dutch circus into the theatres in the Netherlands.

TeaTime’s works to date include: 1P, 2P, 3P (2017), An Illumination of the Research (2017), Stick-Stok (2018), LINEAR (2019), A Matter of Time (2020-2021).
TeaTime Company have collaborated with fantastic artists and mentors in the creation of their work: Pia Meuthen, Foucauld Falguerolles, Darragh McLoughlin, Wendy Moonen, Dance Ireland, Julian Vogel, Astrid en Roel, Familiar Faces, Maarten Rutten, Piet van Dycke.
TeaTime is partnered by Panama Pictures, Festival Circolo, Theater Op De Markt, Dance Ireland, Makersfonds Tilburg, Rotterdam Circusstad, PLAN, Makershuis Tilburg, Buro Piket, Circolito.

Why TeaTime?

Simplicity. Tea is simple and natural. It takes two basic and essential ingredients: hot water and leaves. Simple, yet these water and leaves ripple into quiet reflection time, group discussions, laughter, tears and above all communicating.

Enjoyed by rich and poor, by one or by many and across a multitude of cultures across the globe. It’s for everyone.

TeaTime is a pause time, a moment to think, communicate and reflect.

We hope to offer this to our audiences. Time to connect with yourself and with others. Whether you need to laugh or cry, admire or critique, whatever background you have. It’s TeaTime.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to blur the boundaries between our disciplines in order to create one clear movement language.

Our aim is to communicate in a pure, honest and relatable way.

Our virtuosity lies not in the technique behind each movement but in the thought behind each movement. We believe strongly in connections, fluidity and the appearance of simplicity. Our performances are expressed through lightness, humour and intricacy.

We create charming and accessible work that carries complex ideas. We seek to highlight our similarities and celebrate our differences. We create and we share.”

Who are we?

Hannah Rogerson
Hannah Rogerson
Bavo De Smedt
Bavo De Smedt
Pieter Visser
Pieter Visser