TeaTime Company create performances where the borders of circus and dance disappear to create a new and hybrid movement language. A language that shows concrete, human reactions to abstract situations. Complex ideas are met with accessibility and charm, along with subtle humor and strong imagery.

The artists of TeaTime Company are specialized in three different disciplines: Chinese pole, dance, and juggling. What excites them is the search for the similarities and differences between their disciplines, personalities and interests as makers.

The talented performers blend circus and dance in this ode to modern society. Each performer has their own stick, their own background, their own discipline. This is where the fun begins. Together they can use the sticks to make life difficult for each other: pulling a stick away at a critical moment, almost dropping it on someone’s head OR they can help each other: making sculptures together, building courses to climb through, balancing the sticks and themselves. The sticks allow them to go into our own world where the performers can play, tease and unite together. Leaning into the simplicity of the object, they discover the combination of their disciplines in a completely new way.

With their first performance ‘Stick-Stok’, TeaTime Company played more than 300 times in 10 different countries. ‘Stick-Stok’ was the first step of the artistic signature, an elegant combination of their three disciplines and backgrounds.

In co-production with: Circusstad Festival

Support: Panama Pictures, Dance Ireland, Het Klooster Breda


  • Location: indoor & outdoor

  • Duration: 18 minutes

  • Capacity: up to 700

  • Minimum age: 4

  • Measurements stage (length/width/height): 8x8x5 meter

  • Technical conditions: 2 speakers

  • Performances per day: 1-3 x

  • Persons on tour: 3

  • Disciplines: Juggling, dance, chinese pole, circus, physical theatre

  • Setting: half circular